Creating and Coding modules

This is my 1st post and asked question in general about “*”. I need some help in finding resources, i generally don’t need help in coding and building hardware for any particular application. Ill explain what i’m trying to do and anyone can jump in to help me find resources. So lets begin:
Objective for me is to create module that will interface ower serial port. One com port will be used for signaling “codes” and bidirectional voice/microphone. On other side of com port will be microcontroller conected on some fxo or gsm module. Part with mcu gsm module or fxo i dont need any help. I allready have pcm voice mic over serial and controll programed in mcu. I generaly need help with coding modules for asterisk. How to tap on asterisk channel that give voce/mic data initiate call in any direction etc. For start i need some good and deep resources on module programing. Anyone?

There’s no real documentation for something of this level, as it’s not something anyone commonly does. I’d suggest using an existing channel driver as a starting point and using the asterisk-dev mailing list[1] if you have specific questions.


1st of all tnx on answer :smiley:
So in particular you suggest me that would be best to take some done modules and “extract” usable code parts, combine them together with care, and convention, to get what i need ?
for now chan_dongle and chan_mobile have some similarity, they have serial data and voice/mic com. any other module that i can lean on that have something similar to this that i can lean on ?

All channel drivers have to implement certain things but it’s up to them how they do that and what they do. If those channel drivers are good enough for what you need, then using them as a basis only is fine.