Falsche Übergabe der Rufnummer

Hallo zusammen,

Momentan haben wir folgendes Problem:

Wir haben einen Standort in den UK. Dieser hat auch eigene UK Rufnummer.
Wenn diese UK Rufnummer, im Ausland anrufen, wird eine deutsche Nummer angezeigt.

Klickt man nun im Journal auf diese Nummer, kommt man offensichtlich nicht bei der UK Nummer raus.
Dieses Geschieht sowohl bei uns in der Firma an einem Standort in einem anderem Land als auch auf Mobiltelefonen.

Was kann dafür die Ursache sein?

If your provider is German and your UK Standort is calling through this provider it means that this one doesn’t allow foreign DID. It’s common in the UK, lots of providers replace the DID with a UK one if a call is going outside the UK with a non UK DID.

We’d need to see the relevant parts of your dialplan, plus details of whatever
this “journal” is that you refer to, to have a reasonable idea of what could
be causing this.

Also, the UK number is an inbound number allowing you to receive calls dialled
in to it. This is completely independent of the Caller ID which is shown for
calls dialled out through your system.

The first place I would start looking is with the SIP provider through whom you
dial your outbound calls (I assume this is a German provder), and check
whether they allow you to present a UK number as Caller ID. They may well
restrict you to presenting Caller ID only as one of the numbers you have from

Final questions - is the German number which is shown on these outbound calls:
(a) always the same number, and (b) one of the numbers you have from your
(presumably) German SIP provider?


Do you mean “Wenn wir diese UK Rufnummer vom Ausland aus anrufen, wird eine deutsche Nummer angezeigt.”?

Welche Numer wird wo angezeigt? As Pooh we need to see more. I’d start with a plain SIP trace of the PBX, because this is what the service provider works with. With these data one can figure out how this relates to your routes and diaplan sections.

I believe the OP means that they are dialling from the UK number to a
number in another country (other than UK? Other than Germany? This is not
clear) and the callEE sees a german number calling, when the OP wants them to
see the UK number.

I don’t believe they are talking about calls in to the UK number from other


I think in that case the formulation would have been something like that: “Wenn wir von dieser UK Rufnummer ins Ausland anrufen…”, but this is not a language course here. My German nix gut, but I think the grammar is in need of improvement.

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