Card For Home Set Up

I have one phone line coming into my house, supplied by NTL (a UK supplier for clarity) and would like to plug it into Asterisk.

I would like to play about with adding more phones in my house (using the same line), just one more to start with, giving me two phones, but maybe more later.

I was looking at the TDM400P card and am wondering if i’m on the right track.

Can I plug the line into the PC, and then split out the line to two phones within the house? What functionality does this give me, in terms of, would this set up be a virtual one phone, or can the two phones operate more on an idividual basis? Do I then just need a card with an FXO module and nothing else?

Is there a way to separate the phones within the house, giving them their own internal numbers, but still both being able to work with the PSTN? Do I then need a card with FXO & FXS?

I’ll leave the questions here for now so as not to clog up one thread.

Thank you in advance for any help.

if you have 1 incoming line, you need 1 FXO to connect to your phone company. For each extension you want, you need 1 FXS (or VOIPphone, softphone). You can put multiple analog phones on a single FXS and they will all access that same extension (just like the normal home setup).

You can use cards like you mentioned, which provide various FXS and FXO configurations, or you can use ATA’s.

You may want to take a look at the Sipura SPA-3000. This will give you 1 FXO to connect Asterisk to the phone company and one FXS for a single extension. (And has the benefit that in a power fail situation, the phone plugged into the FXS is mechanically bridged with a relay to the FXO - thus providing you with a working phone). If you go this route you can add additional extensions with more ATAs such as the Sipura SPA-2002 or PAP-2, each provide 2x FXS ports.

Check the web for prices on the SPA 3000, in the US you can get them for about $86, I haven’t checked the UK prices.

hope this helps.


Much appreciated. I’m watching a few Sipura SPA-3000s and similar on eBay, it looks a good suggestion.

In the meantime, i’ve downloaded and watched the video on Asterisk filmed by An enjoyable flick.

Thing is, they talk about getting the PSTN into Asterisk, and then the normal analouge phone into Asterisk, but near the end when they talk about getting the home phone to be able to make outbound calls, they only talk about going out to an Internet Telephony Service Provider to have the call terminated onto the PSTN.

Do I really have to do this? Can I not have my line coming into an FXO, through Asterisk onto FXS, and vice versa, so incoming calls can be manipulated (using voicemail and IVR options), and outgoing calls going straight out to the PSTN?