Extensions not registering in dialplan

I’m not exactly a newbie. I have been using * since v1.0 but I’m not a heavyweight by any means. I am using v1.8 for the first time.

My new system worked fine for a few days making and receiving calls with a basic dialplan. When I added some complexity to the dialplan and cleaned up some things, suddenly the extensions.conf just quit working. By that I mean, when I run “dialplan reload” the file is found but none of my extensions register. I have tried rewriting and simplifying but whatever I write seems to be ignored, even intentional errsors. When I run “dialplan show”, the only extensions showing are the ones from pbx_ael and such.

Any ideas?

Raise the level of verbosity (core set verbose 10) and reload the dialplan. Maybe you get more info this time.

Can you post your extensions.conf here maybe we can find something.