Dialplan reload is not reloading all dial plans

Dear Guys,

I hope you are safe and fine. I am newbie in asterisk so please bear my mistake if i make any. I have created some dial plans for clients. total i have 46 dial plans. its mean i have included all dial plans in my exxtension.conf file. but when I execute command “dialplan reload” then i can not see all dialplan name on asterisk console. it skips dial plans after 23. When i check my bottom dial plans then it never changes from original if i changed something. May be it means, I have large file of extension.conf. Can anyone give me some solution?

any help will be appreciated.

Hassan Mushtaq

Firstly, exxtension.conf is not a standard Asterisk configuration file. File extension.conf is.

Secondly, please copy/paste the you extensions.conf (or exxtension.conf for that matter) and the output of the “dialplan reload” command here. We can not advise you on the problem without atleast some basic debugs.