Dial plan doesn't reload as espected

Hello Asterisk community,

I turn to you to help me solve the following issue:

I have an asterisk installed in a Fedora 6.0 linux box. I’m now working on the initial configurations. I tried to test the extensions.conf configuration, by creating a new extensions.conf file in /etc/asterisk/ and deleting the sample one that is the default when asterisk is installed.

The problem is that when i reaload the dialplan from asterisk CLI, the dialplan hasn’t changed, showing the same configuration as the sample extensions.conf (the default one) already deleted and not the test configuration i did in the new extensions.conf.

What could be the problem?. Is tthere a way to delete once for all, the sample extensions.conf that comes by default?

Thanks for your help!

By default asterisk does not install the samples. It does so when you type “make samples” from the source directory. So once you are up and running, don’t type that again if thats what happend :wink:.

Asterisk normally gets its dialplan information from 2 places (I’m not including realtime here to keep the answer simple). extensions.conf and extensions.ael in the /etc/asterisk folder. So once you either remove or replace them with your test dialplan, run “dialplan reload” from the cli, and it should scroll by with the extensions as long as you have verbosity turned up. If you then type “dialplan show” it should show your test information. Unless of course, the syntax is wrong in your test file.

Thank you for your answer davevg.

I just want to say that the estensions.conf file i was trying to configure, i think, is ok, with no errors. When reloading the dialplan the cli, in fact, shows me the new configuration, but when i do “dialplan show”, it shows me a distinct stuff.

Here is the dialplan i wrote in extensions.conf:






include => internal

Maybe, is there any line or parameter i have to set up in extensions.ael, that points to the location of extensions.conf?
So, please any other suggestion i would be so thankful.


The dialplan you posted below, doesn’t actually handle any calls. There are no extensions defined in them. I’m going to suggest you read the book “Asterisk: The Future of Telephony 2nd Edition” oreilly.com/catalog/9780596510480/ It is a very good reference book and can walk you through setting up your first dialplan. (Note: The pdf of the book is also available from OReilly as a free download)

Thank you

I’m actually reading that book, and i did what the book indicated as a test dialplan in chapter 4. But, it helps me to know that without configuring extensions the dialplan doesn’t reload as espected, doesn’t it?.

So thank you, again for concerning with this topic and your recommendations. I appreciate it very much. I will try with a more complete dialplan.


No problem, we all learned somehow. I figured I’d point you into a direction which may help you learn more. You are on the right track. Good luck in your endeavors.