Problem with getting extentions to work

I am haveing a problem with my installation of asterisk, first of all I am useing asterisk for personal use not for some big huge call center or anything like that. I am trying to get asterisk to work with extentions and am useing freepbx to do the job. I can create the extention, but when the person trys to dial it by sip cause I want to make it go from sip to sip and also I want it to go from the out side of sip by a phone number so that people who do not have sip clients can also get in as well. I make the extenttion but when someone trys to dial it and this doesn’t matter weather sip or phone and I monitor the console and see that the call was rejected because the extention was not in context public any ideas on how to fix this with in freepbx or through the configs? Also of note I have installed the sample sounds and configs and I can dial the default 1000 extentions just fine with no problems through my sip client but any other ones I make do not work any help would be great.

This forum is for users that use Asterisk without any GUI’s. For people that write their own asterisk dialplans. That is also the reason most of us are not familiar with FreePBX. So I think you will have more luck in the FreePBX forums.

Thank you, I will try that on the free pbx forums then.

If the extensions are not on the same network as the Asterisk server it’s usually a NAT issue. Make sure to set nat=yes for extensions. That should work for all extensions including ones on the same network so it’s the most reasonable default imho.