Extension Transfer

Does anyone know how to transfer from one extension to another.


depends on what your extensions are. If you have an IP phone, press TRNF (extension) SEND (if there is a send).

If you have a Zap channel (digium card), try starting a 3way call, (hookflash dial talk hookflash), then hang up.

If you use an ATA, then there’s a dialing code built into the ATA, try #90 or *90 (or 91 instead of 90). do hookflash-code-destination-hookflash. Check your ATA’s documentation or www.voip-info.org for more information.

Note that you have to be able to dial the target extension normally (when not transferring) for this to work.

Hi, I’m running grandstream 286 devices to support all of our current analog phones we have in the house. I’ll give the 90 or 91 a shot.