IAX2 Transfer

Hi, I’ve googled around and can’t find an answer to this.

Using the t, and T flags for the Dial command in the extensions.conf, I can transfer calls with SIP, no problem, using #.
If the dial is IAX2, then it works if the caller is a SIP or ZAP.

My problem is, what if bouth are IAX, then I have not been able to transfer, how does this work? Any one who knows something that I don’t know? I know that IAX2 supports transfers, but it seems to work in a different way, because it’s not working as with a SIP phone.

Greetings Tim Mickelson

I’m not sure that this is an exact solution to your problem, but it may help. When Asterisk transfers an IAX to IAX call, by default, it attempts to make it a peer to peer call. So when it transfers, the Asterisk box is removed from the loop. You can changed this behavior with this parameter.

notransfer = yes | no

If an IAX phone calls another IAX phone by using a Asterisk server,
Asterisk will transfer the call to go peer to peer. If you do not
want this, turn on notransfer with a “yes”. This is also settable
for peers and users.

Hope that helps,