Extension stays on permanent HOLD after hangup

(I tried posting this in Mantis, but seems to be fubared giving an Application Error 1303)

Party A calls Party B. Party A puts call on HOLD. Party B then hangs up.

RESULT: Party A’s phone is now in a permanent HOLD state.

I noticed this when our receptionist (using a Snom360) suddenly could not receive cals anymore, as FreePBX’s dialparties.agi was getting a 16 in ExtensionState. Of course, We could modify dialparties.agi to ignore the 16, but it is still a bug in Asterisk.

By looking at the source, I have figured out that if I set “notifyhold=no”, the problem is not manifested, but i’d like to keep the notifyhold=yes.

This problem manisfests itself in 1.4.x up to svn r75840.


If I call myself from my soft-phone (X-Lite or EyeBeam) and I pickup the incoming call, the outgoing call is placed on hold as expected. But If I now hangup the phone, the extension stays in a permanent HOLD state until asterisk is restarted.

in other words, ‘core show hints’ shows the extension as HOLD until asterisk is restarted.

I found the only way of getting around this when using freepbx was to manually edit sip_additional.conf and add a peer call-limit to each extension. I have raised this with the Freepbx guys. I have Snom 320’s everywhere, and the hints would say on hold all of the time, until asterisk was restarted.

This sounds like a snom problem not an asterisk problem. I have polycoms and have no issues with this at all.

If I can replicate it with my softphone, or just plain SIP injected code, then it’s not a phone problem. If you look at my “How to reproduce”, you’ll see what I mean. Besides, by looking at previous posts, I see I’m not the only one with this issue. Today I replicated it at the office with an Aastra 57i and a Mitel 5212 as well.

You may be suffering from bug: bugs.digium.com/view.php?id=10323

See also freepbx.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=2670