Hint indicators not showing "hold" state

I’ve got *Now (ver 1.4.18 with GUI 3525) with hand-edited conf files and, yes, SLA running with several Grandstream GXP-2000 and GXP-2010 phones. When I place a call on hold by pressing the HOLD button on the phone, the Grandstreams correctly show the user phone no longer in use, but there is no indication that the LINE is on hold (it still shows as solid red). The calling party gets the hold music, and I see console messages about changing the state of the line to “hold”.

Ringing and answered states show up just fine. Only “hold” does not work.

I’m pouring though a debug trace to see if I can see anything, but the SIP protocol is still new.

In SIP.CONF I’ve got “notifyhold=yes” (which may be depricated or a phantom setting, hard to tell from the wiki).

This is an analog line into Asterisk to SIP phones, if that makes any difference.

Does anyone have any hints as to where I should look or what I should look at?


Check limitonpeers=yes in sip.conf also, and call-limit=xx for each peer. I gather you already have notifyringing.

I had all sorts of problems when 1.4 first came out when these options were not used, and hints got all broken.

Use core show hints at the CLI to see hint state when you place someone on hold.