Extension from newbie w/ AMP

Here’s what we want to happen:

A user calls our DID # … the call is routed to our Asterisk box … the user enters an extension (for instance, 1000) … Asterisk dials a pre-defined PSTN # … if the line picks up, Asterisk connects the incoming call with its just dialed outbound call … if the outbound call does not pick up, Asterisk drops the caller into the voicemail for extension 1000 …

Also, we are using AMP … but can manually edit the config files if necessary … our VoIP provider handles all origination/termination services and uses both IAX and SIP …

Yeah, that’s pretty straightforward really.

Have a read of the new O’Reilly Asterisk book, which is available for free download here:

voip-info.org/wiki/view/Aste … +Telephony

and the main Asterisk documentation source, here:


If you’ve got any questions about specific aspects of what you want to do you can always ask here.