Can this be done

Hi guyz! Newbie here. I need some guide on my dial plan …

can this be done?
->(means ‘call’ or ‘forward’)

user -> Operator -> extension 400 -> (Not available)
(ends) V
b) Mobile phone <- or <- a) Voice mail <- option whether

Can?? Any guide on this whether to do it via editing or using Asterisk Management Portal (AMP) ?? Thankz guyz.

You’re going to have to be a little more descriptive about what you would like Asterisk to do.

A few complete sentences will help tremendously.

aiya! The mapping a bit out of shape!! :unamused: Well actually i want to set up a dial plan that looks like the above diagram.

“The user calls the company and the operator or Digital operator will pick it up. Then it forwards the call to the extension. When the extension is not available it will direct it to an option whether to leave a voice message or dial the extensions’s mobile phone number.”

That’s what the diagram is trying to illustrate. Any ideas guyz?? Thankz. :smiley:


So your call is on to the extension. Is it simultaneously ringing the mobile? Or is it trying the extension first, and then giving callers a chance to ring the mobile or simply leave a message?

When you say “the extension is not available”, do you mean:
not registered?
do not disturb is set?
no answer after (x) seconds?
all of the above?

How long would you like to ring the mobile? Does the mobile have voicemail?

Will the message be left in the mobile’s voicemail or on the Asterisk voicemail?

Actually it just rings the extension first, then it then if the caller is unavailable which means the user is not picking up the phone, the call will be transfered to a digital operator which asking whether the caller wanted to call the extension’s mobile phone or to leave a message in the asterisk’s voice mail. Issit possible to do, if the user i also not available on his mobile phone, the caller will be diverted back to asterisk to that user’s voicemail in asterisk? can it be diverted back to asterisk before the mobile phone’s voice message be activated? Thankz dufus.

Certainly. That’s an easy one. … +follow+me

It’s all right there.

Oh. Thankz dufus!! But i’m using AMP. Which file that AMP edits one? issit extensions_additional.conf or extensions_customs.conf ?? i’m quite blur with editing. I’m looking for ways to edit using AMP. Got any guyz??

Sorry! I’m not an AMP user.

I’m one of those guys who likes to get my hands dirty, so I edit .conf files directly.

This is definately one of the extension_ files. I have no idea which.

Good luck.

Oh! thankz dufus! for all the explaination. I’ll try it later and giv u some feedback on watz the outcome. Thankz.