Experiences with these IAX hardphones?

I am looking to purchase a few IAX hardphones for the office. Unfortunately I will have to mail-order them. Googling has found a few models:

AT510P IP Phone
Atcom At320
Atcom AT530

But few reviews. I have read some on www.voip-info.org; Has anyone had any experience with these or another IAX hardphone? If you purchased online, could you recommend a good supplier?

Edit: Or is there a good IAX ATA still available? I found iaxy is discontinued;

From what I have seen all the hard phones that support IAX do not work to well. I tested one a while back (I don’t remember at the moment which one it was) but it failed for my standards. I would wait a bit till some of the “big boys” support it.

So far, I am using Kiax and zoiper softphones, and the sound quality is ok, but very quiet compared to SIP extensions.

Will this be the case with a hardphone?

Anyone else with any insights? I am planning on purchasing a couple IAX phones and an ATA for testing (probably atcom, from ebay), any phones that I should avoid?