Suggested IAX phones?

Can anyone suggest any good quality IAX phones? We are using Yuxin YWH500’s and the quality on these are unacceptable. I see a good list of hardware phones here,, but I don’t see much reviews. Anyone have any feedback or experiences of good phones they would suggest or bad phones to avoid?

to be quite honest, i would say to use a softphone like IDEFisk over an IAX hardphone … there doesn’t seem to be a quality unit available !

it would be good if some of the bigger manufacturers like Polycom, Snom and Aastra could release a phone with IAX firmware, but i can’t see it happening in the near future … SIP still seems to be out in front.


what is for you unacceptable quality? I have an ATCOM phone that has SIP and IAX2 and it’s not bad. I experimented a Polycom HD phone at Cebit and it’s much better but it’s more expensive. (and SIP only, of course, but if you want quality…)

These phones have an echo when on speaker phone that makes the conversation impossible to carry on. There is also some static noise every now and then that is very annoying. The codec is set to ulaw but doesn’t sound quite as good as our Polycom phones internally.


I just looked at the Atcom phones and they look very similiar to our old Yuxin models. The Atcom’s also use the PalmTool to update the configuration and firmware which is what the Yuxin’s use. I’m guessing these use the same manufacturer chipset from China.

dear Plut:
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yes it is old chipset ,NOW that chipset had already stoped produce.
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Any special reason for the use of IAX phones instead of SIP phones? My ATCOM lacks some features like warnings about voicemail if configured as IAX.


The phones are used remotely so we need to use IAX because of NATing issues with SIP.

I may consider another phone from Yuxin if we can work out a deal with the old phones.

Hi see. That’s what I thought in the first place :smile:
The ATCOM phones use a Infineon chip and you will find those phones branded as Planet also.

I may consider another phone from Yuxin if we can work out a deal with the old phones.[/quote]

dear plut0
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