Exchange 2000/2003 IMAP integration

Has anyone managed to get Asterisk 1.4 or above working with exchange 2003 and imap integration.

Our imap stack on exchange works correctly and as expected, when trying to use a generic service account to grant access to all mailboxes on a store, via command prompt and client we can open and browse any mailboxs.

While using Asterisk we get connectivity issues. As far as we can tell we have followed the documentation for setup correctly but the asterisk system will not login to the IMAP mailboxes using a central account. It will login using individual accounts but that is impractical from a security and password management standpoint.

Any pointers gratefully received. I can find nothing in the forums that detail exactly what needs to be done from a troubleshooting standpoint:

Exchange IMAP via Telnet:

telnet 143

  • OK Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 IMAP4rev1 server version 6.5.7226.0 (scompsbs01.CompanyName.local) ready.
    ? login companyname/asterix/test1 password
    ? OK LOGIN completed.
    ? list “” “*”
  • LIST (\HasNoChildren) “/” Outbox
  • LIST (\HasNoChildren) “/” “Deleted Items”
  • LIST (\HasNoChildren) “/” “Sent Items”
  • LIST (\HasNoChildren) “/” Calendar
  • LIST (\HasNoChildren) “/” Contacts
  • LIST (\HasNoChildren) “/” Drafts
  • LIST (\HasNoChildren) “/” Journal
  • LIST (\HasNoChildren) “/” Notes
  • LIST (\HasNoChildren) “/” Tasks
  • LIST (\HasNoChildren) “/” “Junk E-mail”
  • LIST (\HasNoChildren) “/” Trash
  • LIST (\Marked \HasNoChildren) “/” INBOX
  • LIST (\Noselect) “/” “Public Folders/”
  • LIST (\HasNoChildren) “/” “Public Folders/CompanyName Archive”
  • LIST (\HasNoChildren) “/” “Public Folders/CompanyName Contacts”
    ? OK LIST completed.

Vmail conf:
;imapflags=<IMAP flags, “novalidate-cert” for example> expungeonhangup=no

Asterisk Logs:
invalid remote specification

Whats with the = in the user string.

You do that via telnet and sure enough the IMAP server balks.

  • OK Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 IMAP4rev1 server version 6.5.7226.0 (scompsbs01.CompanyName.local) ready.
    ? login companyname/asterix/user=test1 password
    ? NO Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password.

Pretty sure thats my only problem, ive tried removing test1 from the userstring in vmail conf (authuser) and it doesnt like that either.

Does anyone have experience getting asterisk and exchange 2003 imap integrated using a generic account with full mailbox permissions to all users accounts, if so please drop me a line.