EventList BLF on the ip phone, how can I do that?

Hello @everyone,

I have a question. I want on my ip phone GXP Grandstream 2000 that my 7 Programmable BLF Extension Keys show a green light when a extension is avaible and red light when she isn’t avaible.

Do you know how to realize that ?

Create hints in your dialplan, configure your endpoints to monitor them.

If you are using PJSIP you will need to set the
subscribe_context setting in your endpoint definition.


If you are using chan_sip you would put it the settings for your endpoint.


Then you will define the hints in your dialplan.

exten => _10Z,hint,PJSIP/${EXTEN}
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@johnkiniston thanks. It’s work very well. :grinning:

But I have a question. What’s the “hint” in the syntax ?


It’s a different kind of extension definition.

I was on the faq of Grandstream…But I seen nothing about configuration on a asterisk server.


Thanks a lot, I see it now…

Hello :slight_smile:

I try it with a AEL Syntax but don’t found any exemple of syntax for the hint and how to implement it.
My extensions.ael file

//============================ Subscriber for BLF ============================
context grandstream-intern {
        _1XX => {
                        hint PJSIP/${EXTEN};

But I have this error when I check my syntax in the extensions.ael:

root@IPBX-Asterisk:/etc/asterisk# aelparse extensions.ael

(If you find progress and other non-error messages irritating, you can use -q to suppress them)

(You can use the -n option if you aren't interested in seeing all the instructions generated by the compiler)

(You can use the -d option if you want to use the current working directory as the CONFIG_DIR. I will look in this dir for extensions.ael* and its included files)

(You can use the -w option to dump extensions.conf format to extensions.conf.aeldump)
LOG: lev:0 file:pbx_ael.c  line:164 func: pbx_load_module  Starting AEL load process.
LOG: lev:4 file:ael.y  line:840 func: ael_yyerror  ==== File: /etc/asterisk/extensions.ael, Line 122, Cols: 24-27: Error: syntax error, unexpected 'hint'
LOG: lev:0 file:pbx_ael.c  line:177 func: pbx_load_module  AEL load process: parsed config file name '/etc/asterisk/extensions.ael'.
LOG: lev:4 file:pbx_ael.c  line:197 func: pbx_load_module  Sorry, but 1 syntax errors and 0 semantic errors were detected. It doesn't make sense to compile.
LOG: lev:4 file:ael2_parse  line:550 func: main  0 contexts, 0 extensions, 0 priorities

For best practice, type=friend should be type=peer.

Very few people use AEL. I’m not sure that any regular here is familiar with it. I doubt that AEL has been maintained in a very long time. It may not know about hint pseudo-priorities.

AEL will be not maintain in the next versions of Asterisk ? I had understand that AEL is the C programming.
That why I try to use it.

That’s where most of the expertise lies, although I think you can mix and match.

So It’s better to use extensions.conf (pbx_config.so) to make our dialplan. :slight_smile: