Hello, I have a situation.

my endpoints have configuration “subscribe” context .

When I start asterisk, the BLF work, after 120 seconds he stop.

The leds of phones go out.

I dont see NOTIFYS and “subscribes” in log.

endpoint configurations in pjsip.conf


exten => 0010,hint,PJSIP/0010
exten => 0013,hint,PJSIP/0013

Not seeing SUBSCRIBEs would lead to a lack of NOTIFYs. Not seeing SUBSCRIBEs is a problem upstream of Asterisk.

I did test in many versions, include last version

It’s up to the endpoint subscribing to subscribe, and to resubscribe before the subscription expires to continue receiving NOTIFY messages.

The endpoint send only register to asterisk.

He need send other packet for enable BLF ?

REGISTER only tells Asterisk where they are. They need to issue SUBSCRIBE for each entity for which they want presence.

Perfect , now I undestand.

Thks guys

i think this could help someone yealink BLF Not Showing Correct Status When Using DNS-SRV

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