Callers wait a lot before be dispatched to queue member


I have an issue that appear sometimes…
Watching the queue from asterisk cli using watch -n 0.1 'asterisk -rx "queue show"' I saw that I have queue member not in use and some callers available to be dispatched, but the system wait 10/20 seconds before pass the caller to the member…
I’m using the leastrecent strategy but the same happen with rrmemory.
Here an example screenshots, you can see 8 waiting callers and 7 available members, the time is between 2 and 6 seconds but it will increase till 15/20 seconds.

Could be due to system congestion (but the CPU is not full…) or to some others wrong settings?
If you need more information please tell me.



Are you playing long comfort messages?

Thanks for reply. Where could I check the length of comfort message?

Listen to it with a stop watch.

The point is that Asterisk will not try to hand a call to an agent whilst it is playing a messages to a caller.

There isn’t a set up that I could check instead of doing this?



You supply the comfort messages. You should know how long they are.

Basically, if you play “Your call is exceedingtly important to use, but in time you might want to consider buying prdouct1,…proudct n, from us” for 25 seconds, every 30 secnds, it is very likely that later call will miss finding an agent free.

You could, of course, read the announcement file into something like Audacity or Windows Media Player, to see how long that says it is.

Other things that can caue delays are specifying a large wrap up time, or having an agent in multiple queues, with different priorities. These are all consequences of deciions on how to configure the system.

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