Codec 16khz for Asterisk

Hello friends!
I recently came across a question at work. Is there any codec that can support 16khz wav?

If so, what is the name?
Which version of Asterisk is suitable for this codec?

I appreciate the help!

The G722 codec is 16kHz, so if it were negotiated with an endpoint and a 16kHz sound file played then it would be kept. Any supported version supports it.

If this isn’t what you meant then you’ll need to elaborate further.


Good Morning! Your answer has already facilitated part of the process.
Being more precise in the problem in question, I am trying to dial in so that a wav file can be played, and the following error appears:

Is there any configuration to be done in the asterisk so that it accepts and reproduces the file in 16khz?

(The wav file is already in mono and at 16khz)

Thank you very much for your attention!

Use the “wav16” file extension instead of “wav”.


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