Audio file


I installed Asterisk I want to play a sound file, but Asterisk can only play WAV 8000 Hz, 16 bit. Is it possible to improve the sound quality?

Thank you in advance

What codecs does your client support?

Asterisk can play audio in all the formats supported by the phones that it supports.

If you have any PSTN callers, 8kHz 16 bit is overkill, as the PSTN uses a 8kHz with an 8 bit companded code, all the code points of which can be exactly represented by 16 bit linear coding. If you have any mobile callers, the maximum achievable quality will be even less.

If you are interested in local phones, with higher audio quality codecs, encode additional copies of hte files for those codecs.

a-law G.711

Then playing back a file with higher fidelity isn’t of any use.


thanks to all!