Error "is not a known channel"

Hi, I am using asterisk 13.30.0 on Debian 10
suddenly one of my channels stuck and I don’t know why
then I want to hangup channel with the command "channel request hangup " and I got error :
is not a known channel

can you please tell me why I got this error?

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Can anyone help me with this situation please?

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On the basis of the limited information provided: Because you entered the wrong channel name.

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No, I did it right way
I can tell you any information you want, just tell me

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Is the channel still active (in a call, you can still send / receive audio)? Or has the channel been hung up already, but still appears in the list of active channels?

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I have the same problem, and channel already hanged up

channel already hanged up

Then why do you want to hangup this channel, which (after hangup) does not exist anymore?
With that command, you can send a hangup request to a channel which still exists and you want to disconnect.

Maybe you are confusing the channels?
Normally, you have two channels: One from the caller, one from the callee. If one of these channels still exist, after either caller or callee hung up, you can only disconnect this one still existing channels (see “core show channels concise”) and get the correct name of that channel you want to disconnect.

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I meant the existence of only one channel and that channel will not be interrupted
but I don’t have it because I restart asterisk before

@lordgurke @bford @david551
look at these photos please

no one doesn’t know the problem?

anyyyyyyyyone? really?
such a simple thing
its a bug?

It means that something, somewhere, is holding on to a channel reference. Where that is, why, noone can say. It could be in chan_sip for example in some off-nominal, or some other place based on how you are using Asterisk.

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Thank you for reply,
How can I find it?
I can give you any log if you want to solved the problem

You can file an issue[1] but you’d need to try to isolate it further and eliminate chan_sip, as that is community supported. If the problem still exists with chan_pjsip then you’d need to provide a configuration that reproduces the issue or information on how things are exactly being used.


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