ConfBridge / MeetMe - tricky configuration?!

I have the following requirements:

A conference should start, when a marked user enters. Until then, other participants should get music.

But: The conference should remain active with the other users, even if all marked users leave.

The first part is no problem, neither with meetme nor ConfBridge. But what about the second issue?
Any ideas, how this can be solved?

I have been searching and trying for the past days without any success, so any ideas or help
are highly appreciated!

Confbridge in Asterisk 10. For each user you want to be forced to wait until the marked user enters set “wait_marked=yes.” If you want them to be able to stay in the bridge when the marked user exits, set “end_marked=no.”

More info on Confbridge in Asterisk 10 is available here: … fBridge+10

Thank you for your reply.
I have read the documentation and also am using these options in confbridge.conf

Setting ‘end_marked=yes’ results in all users getting kicked out of the bridge once the last marked user quits.

With ‘end_marked=no’ users stay in the bridge when the marked user exits BUT they get music-on-hold again.

What I need is that they can not start until a marked user enters but can talk to each other, even after the marked users have left.

So any idea?

In that case, which seems like unexpected behavior and might qualify as a bug (you’re welcome to file an issue in the tracker), you could consider working around it by running some hangup dialplan when the marked user exits that then joins a Local, marked channel to the bridge that does nothing - though there’s no way to tear the bridge down then. Or you could have something watch over AMI for the last other participant to leave and then tear the bridge down.

Malcolm, thank you for your reply.
I also thought about alternative workarounds. As you stated already, adding a local Channel isn’t an option for me. On the other hand, I don’t want to use AMI. My initial idea was to park all incoming conference calls until the conf-leader joins. Then move all parked extensions to the confBridge. Howver, I don’t like any of these ideas…

Since I am running Asterisk 10.1.2 I can’t tell if the issue still remains in the latest SVN. I’ll do some more testing first before posting an issue. Perhaps the developer likes the idea of making this behaviour optional. Some option which might switch between these two variants:

  • remain bridged once leader quites
  • halt conference and play MOH until leader joins again

Have you written the code for ConfBridge?

Let me know what you think.

Kind Regards,



I don’t think it works any different recently, you’ll probably want to open an issue.