Echo+Zap+X101P card


Is here anyone, who could help me with echo in Zaptel device. I have just bought X100P card and I’ ve been trying to remove echo. Already I tried:

1.Echo_can_mark2 with Aggressive_suppressor - RX,TX -0.0 , it doesn’t work, I was able to here extra “crashes” and echo while I was talking,

2.Echo_can+mark3 results: very similar to this above,

3.fxotune - original doesn’t work, patched with extra options works, but only command:"./fxotune -d -b 3 -w 1004". Command:"./fxotune -i 5" ends with error: Unable to tune 1 devices, even though those devices are present

  1. Now I use: Echo_can_mg with rx and tx = 0.0, echocancel=256 and echotraining=800. Result: clear sound (without “crashes”), but still with echo, which is able to be heard only for me (person who use Zap).

Could you help me?