Echo in my SIP calls

Hello, i have 5 Linksys SPA921 phones and when i call one of them i can hear my voice in echo.
I think the trouble could be in the handset but now i setup all the Linksys SPA921 handset voulmen to a lower value, but i still hearing myself in the call.
When i say " Hello" i hear my voice in echo just 1 TIME.

What could be the problem? How can i fix this problem? I’m using asterisk-

What’s the call path?

VoIP phone to VoIP phone?

VoIP phone to PSTN card?

VoIP phone to SIP/IAX provider?


Sip to SIP, internal calls at office in the same LAN.
Calling to reception i hear an echo, calling to sales i hear an echo,etc…
In my local LAN.


Nothing to do with Asterisk in that case, it’s the handset’s responsibility to do its own acoustic echo cancellation. Try newer firmwares, if they’re available, and cut the gains.



you asked this same question last week


Did you check the volume ? TBH the Sipura handsets have pretty poor audio performance any way