Echo Problem (Pure VOIP Network)

Hey everyone, I am having problems with my asterisk’s box. It is echoing really bad. There is no hardware cards in the box. The echo only seems to be happening when they make calls. When a call comes in they say it is fine. I really need help as the client is about to ring my neck soon. Any help will be appreciated. If you need any more info let me know. One las thing and he is using a DSL line.

Probably, what you have encountered is caused by an acoustic echo. If so, you will need to adjust (lower) the volumes on the MIC/speaker settings on your ATA device.

We have done that in that I picked up the phone and turned down the volume. The phone is a linksys spa942. I can change the gains on the headset, handset, and the speakerphone. Could that work. I have three options. -6 0 6

Why don’t you give that a try and report back here on your findings.