Echo Issue

Hi there,

I am facing echo issue on call, i have tested my all voip carrier, even i changed multiple systems, i tried via laptop too but echo is still there.

What happening is, when i call a customer, they can hear me, but when they speak, they hear their voice back which make hard to speak for them.

Please let me know if there is setting i can do to cancel echo.
my conf are:


exten => _1X.,1,Dial(SIP/voipprovider/${EXTEN},30)
exten => _1X.,2,Hangup


Sohaib Khan

That’s their echo cancellation failing to properly handle the echo that’s being reflected to them.

Is this related to voip? i mean to whom i should complain? i complained to my voip provider they told me there must be some internal issue at our side.
can it be because of earthing problem on Server rack?


sohaib Khan

If you are using SIP phones, the primary candidate for echo is your phones. They are responsible for doing the echo cancellation with regard to echo heard by parties remote to you.

Soft phones are unlikely to have good echo cancellation, and it can be challenging for phones in handsfree mode to cancel echo.

Generally echo only happens at analogue points in the system. Normally the echo up to the first VoIP conversion is so fast that people don’t know. From that point to the phone, the channels is full duplex digital, and cannot suffer echo, so the next opportunity is after it gets converted to sound, in the phone.

If you do not have VoIP on the PSTN side, the responsibility for cancelling echo that you hear tends to fall on you, because the remainder of the network is designed on the basis that echo suppression is sufficiently good for short delays, but not for VoIP, or mobile phone type delays.

Thank you david…
Is there anyway we can resolve this issue? i mean if i would not be able to resolve issue i will stuck on the cap of bottle after the neck.

please help

Use hard phones if currently using soft phones.

Replace the hard phones with better hard phones.

Discourage the use of hands free.

It is really much easier for the phones to do the job properly, because they are dealing with quite short and fairly stable echo times.

If you want to keep using your existing phones and continue using the phones in hands-free mode, you should add an echo cancellation software like PBXMate.

we are running vicidial for our call center and we are using 3xc/xlite in windows and ekiga in ubuntu

vicidial will be irrelevant.

XLite and Ekiga will be the problems, which are probably made worse by the use of computer type headsets that do not have good isolation between the earpieces and the microphones. You need to replace these with purpose designed SIP telephones.