Echo Cancellation

Hey Everyone,
I’m new to this forum, but not to asterisk. I have a medium sized installation at the radio station I work at that works flawlessly. What’s interesting is that no echo cancellation tweaking was necessary for that asterisk box. Considering I’m using two X100p’s there, I thought I would have at least a little bit of tweaking to do. I am trying to do a similar setup here at home, however, despite my greatest efforts I cannot get rid of the echo. I have done the milliwatt tests from the local telco, and tweaked the RX gain as such. I have echocancel and echotraining on in zapata.conf, and have tried everything I have found on the internet so far. I even bought another X100P to make sure my card wasn’t faulty, and no such luck. I would save my pennies and buy an analog Digum TDM… card, but it bothers me the X100P’s work so well at the other installation. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance,

Brooks … hotraining