E-mail alerts


first of all, please be gentle with my english i’m a french guy and there are some words that i’m not sure i’m using it correctly so i’ll try to be as simple a as possible!

So i’m actually a user (and administrator since few months…) of the company’s asterisk.

I think we use the version 1.4 of asterisk, and my is that i need to send e-mail alert to an extern e-mail adress but this mail never arrive in my mail box. If i configure the voicemail.conf to send the e-mail to an internal adress, I receive the mail without any problem.

Another weird thing is that if i try to send an email with the asterisk server with telnet command, to an external adress or an internal adress everything is working fine.

So I’m missing something and I don’t know what…Do you have an idea?

You have to have some sort of mail server installed to send the mail, or forward the mail through another server

since the email is being sent correctly when you use voicemail.conf, then that means that you have a mail server already installed on your machine.
Wwhat kind of alert email you want to send to an external mailbox?
In other word what’s the event which will caused the email to be sent when it happened.
When you got this event you can write a script to catch this event and send you an email, and this has nothing to do with Asterisk.