Help:voicemail notification forwarding on email id

Hi all,
I want to send an email of voicemail notiification internally on my company id through asterisk voicemail feature.i had tried this but i was unable to send voicemail notification.can any body help me.there will be any configuration in sendmail and hosts file in linux.


if there is configuration required for sendmail, then this would not be the forum to ask at - you’d have better luck at a general linux forum.

that said, we had zero issues with an out-of-the-box install of fedora core 4 - the email functionality worked perfectly from day one with no tweaking necessary on our part.

check the mail for the root user of your * box- often bounces end up there.

also one thing that sometimes causes a problem, the message is sent from root@localhost which sendmail rejects. In voicemail.conf change the sendmail cmd to be
/path/to/sendmail -tf