E&M Connection to Asterisks

How e&m signals can be coonected to asterisks?

https://community.asterisk.org/t/e-m-signals-connection-to-asterisks/72984 has been answered and is the same question.

We don’t do 4-wire analog. 4-wire analog is in a bad state. You’ll have to find a channel bank that has 4-wire E&M cards, and then go T1 from it into one of our T1 cards. From there, you should be able to signaling E&M to the channel bank and have it, in-turn, signal out the 4-wire analog. This has not been used, nor tested, in more than a decade. I wouldn’t expect it to flawlessly operate.

How T1 can be enabled on asterisks?

Using a digital interface card and the DAHDI channel driver. Generally support for these should be obtained from the card supplier. Digium supply such cards.


Basically i want to ask how e&m can be enabled on T1?

We cant use external device to convert e&m to E1. We want to convert e&m to
e1 so that we can give e1 to asterisks… Need help?

You can only do with an external device, so your requirement conflict.

Can u mention devices which has only e&m ports to E1 and which is easily

There is only one regular here who might just have some experience of them, and they haven’t posted fro a long time. These are the sorts of things where you have to contact the supplier even to get a price.

The only reason I think could have experience is that they seem to have done a lot of consultancy on older systems. Unfortunately, their name escapes me for the moment, although I remember they are UK based.

Thanks… U r helpful to me…
I hope you charge Asterisks Manufactures very high to provide assistance