Robot out call people and play message


I need some info.

I have a website hosted on dedicated server. When a member fill a form, the message is sent to specific businesses.
I would like it also,call them and play a sound.mp3
When I searched for solution, i found asterisk.

Is it possible that php script say to asterisk which number to phone, phone them by voip (using only internet connection, not rtc line)and play a mp3 message?


It is not possible to play an MP3 quality message over a telephone line. Unfortunately the rest is all to possible. I recognize them and hang up after a two or three words.

Thanks for answer.

But it must be possible by some how to add a few lines of code to play a voice message at the event the person pick up the phone, no?

It already exist with other software but too expensive for me. That is why i search for open source solution.

You can play a telephone quality message, not an MP3 quality one.

I’m not prepared to provide any more help as I consider myself the victim of such systems.