MusicClass not playing after the call is answered

Hi Team,
I want to play customHold music when my call is answered then if that is put on hold then that custom music should play
for that case i have done some research that in asterisk 17.8 we have

Set(CHANNEL(Musicclass)  --> if have used this 
This only work if I set that variable on part A channel and if party b holds the call then music plays
but i want to set the music class when party B answered the call then if any call put on hold then music should played
but the problem is 
both are on diffrenet channel part A lets ex :: ASD34444000a channel 
and partyB answeredChannel ex: ASSS00000b
so the variable set on part b channel but doest work it plays default music on hold 
i want 
if party B answers the call the custom music on class should set there and then it should work 
this is the diaplan which was called when the call is answered

There is no Team. We are all individuals.

I’ve read this about three times and I still don’t understand the question.

It would help if re-edited it so that only the relevant parts were marked as pre-formatted.

I don’t understand what ASSS00000b is. It’s not an identifier that Asterisk itself would create, as those use hexadecimal numbers, separated from any user supplied or keyword parts.

I suspect that describing the sequences of actions by users on a pair of phones, and the expected behaviour would help. Obviously the way that the phones are connected, may also be relevant (analogue, SIP, etc.).

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