Duration and bill second are same

Hi guys. I’ve problem with my cdr. I found that duration and billsecond in my cdr show the same time. I’m using ‘Auhenticate’ to verify the caller id. Previously I used DISA and the duration and billsecond are different. But it was very slow. So i changed to Authenticate but now the duration and bill second are same. Billsecond start counting whenever the PSTN get connected to gateway and start Athenticate. It suppost to start when it get connected to the destinataion. For your information my asterisk servers is connected to PRI. I couldn’t understand why i face this problem when i switched to Auheticate from DISA. Guys pls help me to solve this.


The problem is that something answers your line right away, before doing the dial.

Maybe use dbget and dbput to authenticate on callerid.

Hi Zoa,
When a PSTN line call into asterisk server, a pin number will be send to authenticate the caller id. if the pin num is incorrect it will ask the user to reenter the pin number. If the callerid authenticated the system will play to ask user to dial a number. In cdr duration and billsecond start when a callerid start authenticate. Previously i use DISA and no such problem but it was slow to connect.

I have no idea how to use dbput and dbget. If u dont mind can u pls give an example.

Hi mag_um,

I supposed its because when you play prompt to authenticate the call/caller, the asterisk already answered the call. If the ingress is accounting is not that important you can always, ResetCDR. But this will affect both billsecond and duration. Anyway, if you do egress accounting you may notice that the two will be different once the destination answer the call. I guessed this is because Asterisk doesn’t do call leg accounting, it accounts both call leg in one record.