Total call duration equivalent to billsec, Asterisk CDR

Hi All,
I am using the asterisk cdr to record all the call records data in a Postgres database.
The main functionality of my dial plan is, that once the user goes through a dial plan and makes his choice user will be put into a queue.

But each time, I get the same number of seconds for both call duration and billsec in my CDR table.

how is it possible to get the exact time for waiting time in the queue and the exact call answered time?

Because being in the line counts as full service. Queue means an answered call. If you need finer control you need to look at “channel event logging”.

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is there any way to achieve what I mentioned there?

CEL gives you events of what is happening to a channel. It’s up to you to write business and processing logic, according to your needs, to turn that into the information you want. It exists because CDRs are by definition an implementation of business logic, which doesn’t fit the needs of everyone. Having never tried to implement your specific needs I can’t say anything further really.

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Thanks, I was able to achieve what I needed, using CEL.

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