Issue in CDR(billsec) on Asterisk 13.22.0

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I have installed Asterisk 13.22.0 and run Asterisk over there, I have successfully making incoming and outgoing calls, but one issue I have faced on yesterday that was CDR(billsec) is not working I have checked so many searches but no success.

Let me brief you the problem statement :
when end user will call on Virtual number that number already mapped with the Asterisk Server, once incoming call get connected we are capturing incoming call date time before an IVR play after played IVR we are capturing again call date time. Incoming call get transferred to Agent [via SIP/Phone Number ], now agent will pick the call, conversation take place between agent and customer via Asterisk Server and we are saving all call recording for each customer
Now once call get disconnected we are getting same duration value i.e CDR(start), CDR(answer) and CDR(billsec)

Please have a look why I’m getting same value in CDR(start, answer and billsec)

I’m using Asterisk 13.22.0
Please help


Team, any one can tell me the best stable Asterisk Version

There is no team. This is a peer support forum.

The official advice on versions is:

If you’re not sure which one to use, choose either the latest release for the most up to date features, or the latest LTS release for a platform that may have less features, but will usually be around longer.

and no-one is likely to be able to improve on that. The latest LTS version was released this week!

As I explained on another recent thread, answering the call within Asterisk will start the bill seconds clock. At least in the UK this is when the caller starts getting billed by their network. If you don’t want that to happen, you need to not answer the call until the Dial application sees an answer from the callee, or you need to reset the CDR before invoking Dial().

Although it is possible to run an IVR as early media, most service provides block early media, so the caller would hear nothing, and their DTMF would not reach Asterisk. As such, you probably have no option but to answer the incoming call before the outgoing one.

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Thanks David for the quick response.

I’m running the same Application on Asterisk 11.8.1 there is no issue with that.
Now I’m running the same Application on Asterisk 13.22.0 initially there was no billsec duration issue but from yesterday we have faced.

Now if you have sample script please share with us.

Can I know the best stable Asterisk version for our application use, we have a very limited functionality, like incoming call - via dial - outgoing call to agent or third party [Save recording and voice mail after disconnecting calls] …

Please please please

If you are running an IVR, and therefore calling Playback without the n option, it is a bug in the earlier version if it didn’t mark the call as answered.

Thanks David.

What would we do in the current scenario.
Can I downgrade the Asterisk version from 13 to 11 or do you have any better solution for the same

Already answered above.