Dump PRI D Channel Data

I’m looking for a way to dump PRI D channel q.931 data. Perhaps something similar to OpenZap’s ‘oz q931_pcap’. I am using a Digium T1 card, DAHDI and Asterisk. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

From Digium support:

The D-channel information can be viewed in it’s decoded form via Asterisk. To view the Q.931 messages you can enter the command ‘pri debug span X’ at the Asterisk CLI (X being the span number). You can also view the Q.921 frames in addition to the Q.931 messages with the Asterisk CLI command ‘pri intense debug span X’. You can log this to a file using the ‘tee’ Linux utility when attaching to the Asterisk CLI ‘asterisk -vvvvr|tee /tmp/pri.log’.