Call Issue on PRI

Hi there,

I have PRI connectivity with my provider, they have ZTE technology.
I am using Asterisk1.8

I am running Voice Broadcast Service from my asterisk. When I dial call using .Call file, it show everything okay on asterisk end, but when we receive call we hear our sound back lik echo, but we do not hear the file which we plays on asterisk, and on Asterisk end it show ok that file is being played.
I have synways PRI card.

everything was working fine before my vendor change card at their end. I have asked them to check at their end, but they are saying they have other customer as well and everyone has PRI working fine.

My question is this, is there anyway to debug dahdi channel on asterisk like we did on on SIP debug, so I can check either it’s my side issue or their end issue.

Sohaib Khan

core set debug channel …