Dahdi show channels no channel

good morning guys.

i just recently setup a asterix box for my test lab.

i have a digium tdm400p card that I’m planning to use.

I finish installing.

  • dahdi
  • libpri
  • asterisk
  • wanpipe - <- having issues here. but i dont think i need this. anyways moving forward.

inside asterisk cli

dahdi show status
Description Alarms IRQ bpviol CRC Fra Codi Options LBO
Wildcard TDM400P REV I Board 5 OK 0 0 0 CAS Unk 0 db (CSU)/0-133 feet (DSX-1)

dahdi show channels
Chan Extension Context Language MOH Interpret Blocked State Description
pseudo default default In Service

so dahdi show status shows the card but dadhi show channels does not show any channel.

sorry for being noob. hope you guys can help me.


You need to supply your dahdi confguration files and logs of any error messages during startup.