Dual LAN VOIP Setup

Good Day

I’ve been struggling with this for two weeks, googling my fingers off looking for some help. Hopefully someone here can help me?

I’ve installed the latest AsteriskNOW, bought a G729 codec (planning on buying another 30 once I get this working).

I have a dual LAN setup, my internal network, which is on the range is on the first LAN NIC, and then I have a dedicated LAN NIC which plugs into my VOIP providers’ router (they are using a 2mb dedicated MPLS link for our VOIP). I’ve setup this IP on their recommendation as 41.0.x.x

My problem is getting Asterisk to use this second NIC only for VOIP traffic to/from my provider. I actually got the trunk to register to my provider, but that is about it. I think Asterisk is trying to route my external VOIP traffic out on my LAN NIC.

I tried stuff like bindaddr etc, but nothing seems to work.

Can someone please help a fellow Asterisk user out?

Kindest Regards


Install two instances of Asterisk, one for each network, or make the networks fully routable.