Asterisk Server With 2 LAN Card

Hi, to all in the forum. I don’t know if this questions was answered. Recenntly I install Asterisk Now in my work, the server have 2 LAN Card because I have 2 Vlan, one card have the ip and the other have, my Gateway is But I have this problem every time I tried to call from one LAN to the other LAN the phone ring but not voice is transmited, when I move the phone to the same VLAN everything is working perfectly, I modify the phone setting every time I move the phone from one LAN to the other, the phone have dynamic ip. I only modify the external ip, the localnet and nat=yes in the sip.conf .

Thank for any information


OK This is how I do it.

nic1 vlan1 external

nic2 vlan2 internal

phones on internal are setup with the default gateway as the nic2 address not the networks default route.

make sure asterisk is not setup to route.

and phones are set to register to the nic on their vlan

doing it this way the internal sets have nat=no and canreinvite=no

basicly you rtp stream is getting a bit lost somewhere


Thanks for the info, I work in a school for that reason I have 3 Vlan, one is for the administration the other for the students and one for direct access to the internet. But I need to place some phones in a classroom for any emergency. My network configuration is:

Vlan 30 (Web Server, Mail Server, Firewall, Router) (Direct connection to the Internet with port forward in the Router)

Vlan 40 (Domain Server, DHCP Server, Firewall, Asterisk)(Administration)

Vlan 50 (Domain Server, DHCP Server, Firewall, Asterisk) (Students)

At this time the Asterisk is for Internal use, I only want to make this system work internally then I connect some analog lines to the server.

Any Idea?


Do you have a route between vlans ?


The firewall bring the internet conection between the Vlan 40 and Vlan 50, and the firewall have a card for Vlan30 (Internet Conection (Rourter Cisco 2800), And have a Domain Controller and DHCP that have 2 NIC for VLAN 40 And VLAN 50. The switch is a Cisco Catalyst 2950 and have 3 Vlan.


The harware is sort of imaterial

what I asked was [quote]Do you have a route between vlans ? [/quote] IE can you ping a device on the other vlan. and are all the relevent ports open?


Yes I can ping from the asterisk server Both IP from the telephone from and (IP From Telephones). Also I can call from one phone to the other and the phones ring, but no transmit any voice. In asterisk I saw the 2 phone conected.

Thanks for the help, I resolve the problem, the only thing I change in sip.conf was this command canreinvite=no . And now is working.