Multi-Homed Asterisk - Any Gotchas?

I am deploying some new machines and my plan is to deploy them in a multi-homed configuration. I’m going to have one NIC with a public IP connected to our public net switch, and one NIC with a LAN IP connected to our internal switch. My servers will communicate with each other using IAX trunks on the local net, and they will communicate with my SIP provider using SIP on the public side. I’ll also have some SIP clients locally on the LAN.

It sounds pretty straight forward, I assume all the NAT settings on asterisk should be disabled. i.e. nat=no.

Anything else I should be aware of while setting this up and testing?



Nothing realy to worry about. Things to make sure are, routing is disabled on the Asterisk, and the external interface is eth0 and internal eth1, It just means the gateways are correct. Also make sure tha the DHCP server is turned off on the external interface and any other service that isnt required.

Dual homed servers are easy, its when you start trying to get redundant triple homed boxes routing correctly you start to have fun !!!


haha… thanks for the info Ian. Much appreciated. I figured asterisk dealt with multi-homing without issue, just wanted to make sure.