Hi Guys, I need a little help in using DTMF settings. Im using SIP and H323 channels, both are set to use dtmf=rfc2833. 2 days ago it was working fine, it still works fine when im in conference, for example when i use the following extension:
by using this extension im able to jump to any extension i want by dialing that extension.
The problem occurs when i use the Dial() application:
when i press # nothing happens
i have no idea how to solve this problem.


i think it is a FORUM
not some kind of instatnt answers help desk

-patience is recommended

what do You want when # is pressed ? - transfer ?
does it work with normal Dial (not from meetme) ?
doeas Your features.conf offer only # or #with something like:
blindxfer => #0
atxfer => #1