SendDTMF Help

Simply put, I am trying to have a client dial an extension connect to that extension and send a DTMF tone.

This is what I had

exten => XXXX,1,Meetme(XXXXX,q)
same => n,SendDTMF(A*)

This did not work.

Then I tried
exten => XXXX,1,Meetme(XXXXX,q)
same => s,n,SendDTMF(A*)

A tone was generated but, I was surprised as to why, is it saying start to the tone?


The first one will send the tone to you once you finish with the conference (I’m not sure if meetme actually can return 0, which would be needed for that to work).

The second one is syntactically invalid.

What I am trying to achieve is after joining the meetme having it play the DTMF immediately. any ideas on accomplishing this?

Much Appreciated.