Dtmf got me mad

well i have a real stange dtmf problem…
i have DYNAMIC_FEATURES=blindxfer#automon#atxfer#disconnect in [globals]

Here is my features conf
blindxfer => #
automon => *1
axfer => *2
disconnect => *3
i have also dtmfmode=rfc2833 set in sip.conf
when i do # when call or be called, it is working really fine each time, when i do any of *X it dont work, like no effect, so i have changed features conf to
blindxfer => #1
automon => #2
axfer => #3
disconnect => #4
i did reload on CLI and it have worked!, so i was happy (: and i did a second test without changing any .conf, What a surprise, nothing is working!! , so i have changed to my previous setup, and transfer is woking fine, but ne other features, help!!

i figured it out a bit, i was to slow when i pressed like #1 for example, where can i change a delay between dmtf tones?

featuredigittimeout=5000 so i have found this in asterisk.org/doxygen/trunk/a … 30352665a8 in dev documentation, also also if i do featuredigittimeout=10000 in [general] it does not changes a lot:)
same for transferdigittimeout => 10, to activate any feature i need to press really fast on buttons;) i need your help guys