DTMF issue with the app Authenticate()

I have been using Asterisk 1.8 without any problem for a while but now im having issue on my GXP2000 IP phone for use the Authenticate app, when i dial the 610 ask me for the pass, but when i dial the pass , some times asterisk continue asking for the pass as if havent dial any key.

NOTE if i power cycled the phone work fine for a while

NOTE in my x-lite softphone everything work fine.


This happen sometimes others work fine, could be this be a phone issue , any suggestion ?

If it’s true that power cycling the phone makes it work, you might take it up with the phone vendor.

Thanks for your quick reply!

So far now it is working fine after a reset

Also check in your GXP2000 the dtmf mode, must be rfc2833

Thanks navaismo,
i was aware about the dtmf option too, but so far i have notice that this problem is just the Authenticate() App, Internal IVR work fine So far ,but i will change the dtmf to rfc2833 on the phone