Dry Loop?

Can Asterisk be used to create a point to point dry loop? right now iv got a dry loop from the phone company that gives me a dry loop from one building to another across town. Can asterisk be configured with 2 servers and a 2 TDM400’s one at each location to give me a dry loop over the existing IP network that i have between both locations?

I would assume that “dry loop” means a copper pair connected to nothing else. As Asterisk is something else, you couldn’t create one with Asterisk. What are you really trying to achieve.

I need a voice/audio grade path that requires no dialing, no line starting, nothing. Audio going in on one side and that audio coming out on the other.

With anything more than channel associated digital, you will need a call setup phase, even if it is done automatically when the software starts.

Asterisk is not designed to make calls with no trigger at all, so you would need to go through some contortions to use Asterisk.

If this is within a LAN environment, there may be hardware products that will give you an audio path over digital LAN, although a real dry wire would also allow DC signalling, which is less likely to be supported.

Are you connecting analog handsets on both sides of this line where you want to just be able to pick up one side and have the other side automatically ring (or auto answer if you have a capable handset)?

Anything more you can say about what you would like to do with this audio path?