Drbd - installation

Hi all ;

hope anyone canhelp me for this issuse. New install for drbd.

I try to setup HA for the Asterisk installation here with CentOS 6.0. i able install CentOS, Asterisk, dahdi and etc. no issue. But when i try to install DRBD encoutner issue which cause server not able reboot.

When we start install DRBD follow the normal procedure, we run: yum install drbd83 kmod-drbd83 it actually pushes for a kernel upgrade (kmod-drbd83). Upon kernel update the system doesn’t boot up. even before rebooting (after yum install finishes) if we run service drbd start, we see a kernel panic.

Pls advice to resolve the drbd issue. Thanks.


here the step and procedure…;

1.cd /tmp
2.wget elrepo.org/linux/elrepo/el6/i386 … noarch.rpm
3.rpm -Uvh elrepo-release-6-4.el6.elrepo.noarch.rpm
4.yum install drbd83 kmod-drbd83
5. reboot - not able boot up.

pls advice, those who done drbd installation before. TQ

If drbd is the high disk clustering software, I can think of no good reason why it should be anywhere near your PABX machine. PABX machines shuld do little else than run the PABX.

However, a kernel update will invalidate the installation of dahdi. Normally the result would simply be that dahdi can’t be found at startup. However, if the packager didn’t put it in the kernel version module directory, it could well cause a panic at boot time.

In any case, you need to be more precise about “doesn’t load”. There are a lot of messages about the loading process, which should give an indication of when things go wrong, and if it panics, there should be a panic message.

Dahdi won’t get loaded until quite late, and Asterisk runs in user space, so an early crash will rule out Asterisk, although there may be a conflict with your telephony hardware.


We use DRBD for the monitor, voicemail and database file-systems of our HA installs, This for example keeps voicemails in sync when the system fails over and the database in sync.

google.co.uk/url?sa=t&rct=j& … mUUHtcML8g

may well help in your install.

Hi ianplain l

as per your doc page 2 item 12, this is the step which i stuck …

  1. Install DRBD, Heartbeat and dependencies with yum.
    yum install heartbeat drbd83 kmod-drbd83

After install drbd and server not able boot up, cause of od kernel updated.
I need solution for step here. Anybody have the solution ? Thanks.

can you choose an older kernel to boot into with grub?

I have choose both old or updated kernel to boot in grup.
both also not able boot up.

any idea ?

Hi Does DRBD install ? I assume you havent setup the partition at this point or have you ???

What does it say on the console at the point it stops. just saying it wont boot is like ringing a garage and saying my car wont start…

Yes, DRBD installed. if we run “service drbd start”, we see a kernel panic. When reboot the server it boot up to certain stage it hang. I did capture the screen by camera. I can email you. Hope this clear.

Hi ;

anybody downhere experience for this drbd installation issue ? pls advice. Thanks.


Hi Potan in CentOS 6.3(x86_64) I installed DRBD from epel repository and no kernel panic but I cannot make it work so I downgrade to Centos 5.8.

This is the link that guided me.

hi navaismo ;

i did follow your links to test. But it give me error ;
Error: drbd84-utils conflicts with drbd83-utils

No able proceed. I install for drbd83 but it say drbd84 conflicts. Are you able install get it work under CentOS 6.0 ? Thanks.


On a clean install of CentOS 6.3 yes I was able to install drbd83


if drbd84-utils conflicts with drbd83-utils then you need to remove them and just install the one you want.

It sounds to me you are intsalling and installing packages but not removing confliction ones