Exception occurred at begining of install

Hello, i cant install asterisknow , i tried version 3.0.0 and 5.211.65-18, always get the same error, it looks to me its a raid problem, but i have disabled RAID on my board, i left it IDE…the board is a ASUS M3A
can i add a line or something with the new asterisknow 5.211.65-18, i noticed extra options i can change, can someone help me out please
heres a pic of the error drive.google.com/file/d/0B8Ddb0 … sp=sharing

thank you

You need a RedHat (CentOS) expert, not an Asterisk one.

well thanks for the info, but i think more Asterisk install problem, i tried installing CentOS alone and it works fine, but with Asterisknow DVD, it dont work

The program that is faulting is the CentOS installer. You need an expert on that to interpret the error.

i guess its better i change computer then, thanks for the info David55