Asterisk stop when running from DRBD disk!

I am trying to use Asterisk1.6.2.6 in Centos5.4 with DRBD8.2.6 heartbeat2.1.3 & one java program with Mysql.
As DRBD use for clustering, so i try it with the help of their website’s doc,forum etc. for clustering i use 2 nodes/pcs. 1 Primary 2 Secondary
So now my asterisk run from cluster disk.Mysql service also run from cluster disk.
But i found service asterisk stop when 1 condition
Both PC/Node connected to each other by 1Switch.
Step 1:- Both node working fine, asterisk & other services running on Primary & on Secondary Asterisk not working due to its DRBD Disk not up that’s right.
Step 2:- Remove Secondary’s LAN cable from switch. So its DRBD service stop. & on Primary no effect on asterisk & other services all fine.
Step 3:-Remove Primary’s LAN cable remove from Switch. Now on Primary DRBD service stop so Asterisk also stop. Secondary already removed so no effect on that.
Step 4:- Now Attach Primary’s LAN cable to Switch. So DRBD service start normally after following its internal steps. DRBD Disk also up so those service install on That disk also started. On console i try to watch what is going on by following command:
watch --interval=0.1 ! service asterisk status

So as per above command i can see for few moment asterisk start & then it stop after step4.
So in Asterisk’s conf files like logger.conf, i write
debug => debug
notice => notice
error => error
verbose => debug
dtmf => dtmf
So i got 5 different log files. But at time of step 4, asterisk not write any log in all 5 files.
Even in Kernels log also not seen any asterisk related log.
How i can solve this problem? Any clue or idea?

Asterisk accesses the disk through normal filesystem calls. Any problem will be in the virtual disk software you are using or in your way of using it.

Of course, Asterisk is not designed to cope with disk failures, so if your manipulations simulate a disk failure, you cannot expect the system to continue working properly after that point.


Ok you sound like you have the config a little wrong. as to which directoried you want synced
have a look at. … ticleid=26

where we do it we only sync the configs, mysql, voicemail and recordings.